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#81 GUHRKE, Laura Lee, The Marriage Bed

Everyone in society knows that the marriage of Lord and Lady Hammond is an unhappy one. Everyone knows they have barely spoken to one another in over nine years. But what no-one in society knows are the reasons why ...
Lady Viola Courtland was a romantic and impulsive young girl when she fell instantly in love with the handsome and dashing Viscount Hammond. Unbeknownst to Viola, John Hammond had already given his heart to the only woman he would ever love--his cousin's wife--but he was in dire financial straits and desperately needed to marry a wealthy heiress. In Viola, he thought he had found the perfect woman--beautiful and rich with a sweet nature. But Viola was neither practical nor sensible when it came to marriage, for she fully expected her husband to love her and was determined to settle for nothing less. Soon, however, John's secret was unwittingly revealed, but by then they were married and it was too late. Until one day, John finally came to his senses and prayed it wasn't too late to win back the love of his very own wife.

My review: 

I love Laura Lee, I think she has a special sensibility for creating characters that complete each other. Their stories are usually well conducted by the writer. I loved John and even Viola, who held back but at some point stop fighting her own feelings and fought her fears. As for John, in the and, there's this little surprise that makes us like him more. I like the fact that this isn't the usual plot...

They're both working on their marriage and fighting adversities...
As for the novel, at some points (this may be absurd) but I really thought I was re-reading Gone With the Wind. At some parts it was very obvious to me that the writer was inspired by it. When a baby is born, for instance. His reaction to the baby's blue eyes and her answer...Well... I read it in two nights, so gave me a few pleasent hours.

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